How will Reliance’s Jio Mart compete in the e-commerce market with already established sites?

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My Jio Mart offering efficient services to the consumers and with the start of home delivery of essentials the platform has seen considerable productivity. Here you will get to know how the partnership between Jio Mart and WhatsApp beneficial for Reliance’s Jio.

Is the entry of Reliance’s JioMart challenge for other e-commerce giants?

On March 24, when the lockdown was announced over the entire country, the customers were afraid of how to collect groceries and other essential items. Due to the sudden increase in grocery orders on established e-retailers such as Amazon, Big Basket, and many more led to some delays and some cancellations. However, the launch of Reliance’s Jio Mart gave relief to not only customers but to Kirana shopkeepers as well. The new world of e-commerce connected the consumers to the small but efficient nearby grocery stores.

Is Jio Mart providing great facilities through WhatsApp?



Leading e-commerce companies in the country have made big moves to partner with the local Kirana stores as both seek to get and recall consumers. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the nationwide lockdown has observed major fallout. However, Reliance’s Jio Mart services are encouraging Kirana stores and consumers by providing much-needed household products and other essentials.

  • RIL is the greatest retail player in India and there are around 400 million active users using WhatsApp. The partnership between the two biggest platforms will allow the consumers to order any essential product and they will receive through Jio’s network of wholesale businesses.
  • Jio Mart on WhatsApp sends a link to the customers which allows them to pick grocery items from the nearest grocery shop. When the order is ready, the local Kirana store alerts the customers and then the customer goes to the store and picks up the order.
  • The interesting relationship between the local Kirana stores and the large e-commerce platform has enabled to benefit both customers and shopkeepers.

How is Jio Mart going to give a tough competition to other e-commerce sites?

Reliance Jio, the biggest FDI in telecom Industries is now expected to challenge the well-established e-commerce sites. In today’s time, online grocery is a growing competitive space and the entry of Jio Mart is like a great success for Reliance Industries. Moreover, the competition between online grocery shopping applications will increase due to lockdown.

  • The Facebook deal of Reliance Industries will help accelerate Jio Mart’s ability to evolve into a full-stack player across the e-commerce system of the nation.
  • Along with it, the partnership between My Jio Mart and WhatsApp serves as a key to communicate with customers and is beneficial for retailers.
  • Unlike other e-commerce platforms, the app enables real-time conversation and necessary updates.
  • Jio will soon find additional support in the reliability of the payment system when WhatsApp will launch its efficient payment system.
  • It will be a great feature in terms of commercial transactions and will offer the consumers with a convenient way to close the transaction by using in-app payments service.


Mukesh Ambani stated that Jio Mart and WhatsApp will authorize around three crores small Kirana shops to transact digitally with customers in their neighborhood. The new commerce platform of Jio will allow small Kirana stores to grow their business using digital technology.

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